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Crowdfunding update #5.5 July 2020

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Hello all! Exciting times in the Crowdfunding world. This isn't quite a full update, but I thought I'd quickly share with you some great campaigns that have sprung up since the last update.


COWBOY raise €23m in their series B. This follows a period of growth, and has caused some controversy for being a down-round and not facilitating follow on investment for existing shareholders.


Capitalrise. Invest in posh london properties. Think Fundingcircle(ish), but with loans secured by properties in Kensington. Invest here.

Dozens. A neobank famous for their high interest 'bonds'. Monzo meets Chip I guess. Invest here.

Freetrade have a few shares available ion crowdcube. This follows Robinhood, their (much larger) US equivalent having cancelled launch. Invest here.


What3Words. Precision Googlemaps. This should be a big one: £50m in funding, over 26m downloads, available in nearly 200 countries. Pre-register here.

Much better adventures. Adventure travel; Mr & Mrs Smith meets North face. Pre-register here.


More notable fintechs (sadly confidential, so no public statement)... guesses in the comments

That's all! Stay tuned for a due diligence post on Moneybox! :)

P.S. Anyone as excited for What3words as I am?

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