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Crowdfunding update #13 May 2021

Updated: May 13, 2021

A cheeky update before Citymapper's crowdfund tomorrow morning. Let's dive in:

News 📰

Cowboy, the Ebike startup, launched a new bike model - the C4. The model comes with an optional “step through” or “open” frame (see below); the handlebars also have a phone mount with a built in phone charger. There is also an updated app to boot, with information on air quality, and rider fitness stats. The bike costs £2,290.

Above: Cowboy's C4 ST (the model with the optional open frame)

Passion Capital's founding partner Eileen Burbidge states she will raise up to £5m via Seedrs for the next passion capital fund. She suggests that other leading VCs in her network will crowdfund through Seedrs in the future. If you'd like to hear more about her experience crowdfunding on Seedrs earlier this year, check out the full interview/podcast here.

Crowdcube launches their secondary market “Cubex”. Bulb (Sustainable energy), Voi (Scooters), Van moof (Ebikes) and Glovo (Spanish Deliveroo) are companies that are mooted to crowdfund in this manner soon. Currently, Crowdcube are inviting users to share what companies they are interested in investing in, Crowdcube will then use the resulting data to maximise liquidity. Cubex will use crunchbase data to offer insights into the offering companies.

A still taken from the Cubex landing page

Nothing, the hardware startup by OnePlus founder Carl Pei, will launch their highly anticipated true wireless earbuds product (i.e. Airpods competitor) “Ear 1” this June. Check out their teaser graphic/silhouette below:

A graphic of the Ear 1, by Nothing

Freetrade, the commission-free stockbroker, will launch in Canada. In a recent AMA by their executive team, they also confirmed they will crowdfund in September this year. Moreover, they confirmed that only 5% of Freetrade crowd shareholders sold shares as part of the recent Series B secondary offer from VCs - a show of confidence in Freetrade's future growth amongst shareholders. CEO Adam Dodds stated that Freetrade's cash burn is £1m/month, giving them 3 years runway assuming costs don't rise

Upcoming Campaigns 📆

Curve - the “all your cards in one” app, will crowdfund sometime this month. Since their record-breaking crowdfund in 2019 (£5.5m from 9.4k investors), they have grown fiercely, with 2million users, and tripling their valuation to ~£591m. The crowdfund became infamous for the lack of financial/business information given to prospective investors. Pre-register here

Some statistics taken from Curve's crowdfund

pre-registration page

SeatFrog - A popular app for upgrading train seats on the Cheap (think Trainline meets Wish), will crowdfund soon. Seatfrog is backed by leading VC firm Octopus Ventures (Zoopla, Cazoo, Secret Escapes). Pre-register here.

Freetrade- As mentioned above, Freetrade will crowdfund in September. No pre-registration links as yet, but stay tuned. Their will be ~£6m Freetrade equity available for European investors, and ~£6m available for UK investors - i.e. it will be roughly a £12m round. No pre-registration link as yet.

Tropicfeel - A kickstarter-born travel shoe brand. Pre-register here.

Crowdfeed labs🔬

Keep your eyes peeled for a due diligence post on Citymapper's crowdfund (it goes live at 11am tomorrow). Given they've had £40m in investor interest, I expect it to go by quick (and the post will follow, once i've digested the pitch deck, etc). If you haven't registered interest for Citymapper's round already, you can do so here.

Thanks for reading! Please do let me know your thoughts on these campaigns and news in the comments. Feedback is always appreciated too! 🤗

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