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Crowdfunding update #15 June 2021

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Let's dive in:

News 📰

Equity Crowdfunding Platform News 🏗️

Crowdcube will soon provide access to IPOs (i.e. public companies), pitting it against the likes of PrimaryBid. 👏Darren Westlake, CEO of Crowdcube, said they were already in discussions with a few large consumer businesses about offering IPO access via Crowdcube.

Luke Lang, Co-founder of Crowdcube, left the company after over a decade of service. 😞He will join Plend, a lending startup.

In a landmark decision, the financial ombudsman service decided that Crowdcube should repay an investor £18k for having been "misled" into investing this amount in chinese takeaway company "Zing Zing". 🤯The Financial ombudsman service cited crowdcube's failure to qualify nor assess the plausibility of the company's "further expansion" plans. This decision could encourage stricter platform-level due diligence in equity crowdfunding.

General News (exits, raises and more) 🏗️

Nutmeg, the wealth management app or "robo advisor", is acquired by JP Morgan Chase for ~£700m. 🥳 This represents a 2.3x cash return for investors in their 2019 Crowdcube round.

Paysend, a money transfer/payments startup, raises ~£90m at a~£500m valuation.📈 This represents a roughly 2.5x paper return for investors in their 2019 Seedrs round.

Lick, the digital-first paint and/or home decor brand, raised £1m in a Seedrs round. 🎨The round broke records for diversity, being the first time a raise of this size had 52% of its investors being female; males tend to be heavily over represented in crowdfunding rounds, and in the investment/financial industry more broadly.

Curve breaks records in raising almost £10m from nearly 12k investors on Crowdcube. 🚀Curve's valuation is now roughly ~£600m, this represents a ~2x paper return for crowd investors in their 0219 Crowdcube round. I was pleased to see a somewhat more transparent raise this time (retention, revenue, etc disclosed) following heavy criticism of the opacity of their 2019 Crowdcube round.

THIS, the plant-based meat startup, raises £10m in a series A at a ~£100m valuation. 💵 This is a ~2x paper return for investors in their 2020 Seedrs convertible round.

Heura foods, a Spanish "Beyond Meat" competitor, raised ~£3.5m from ~3k investors on Crowdcube in under 24 hours! 🚀

Upcoming Campaigns 📆

Meatless farm - A large plant-based meat startup based in the UK; i.e. another "Beyond Meat" competitor. Pre-register here. The campaign will launch on the 23rd June.

Above: A selection of products by Meatless farm

Emma Finance - A savings, invesetment and/or financial management app. Pre-register here. The campaign will launch on the 22nd June, having initially been postponed due to interest from an as yet unnamed "strategic investor". Emma have also published a public roadmap of their upcoming features here.

Planty - Plant based meal delivery startup; an Allplants competitor. Pre-register here.

Crowdfeed labs🔬

I'm currently spoiled for choice on which companies to do a due diligence/research post on; Secret Cinema? Seatfrog? Cheeky Panda? Taster? I could go on. Please let me know below in the comments which you'd like to read about the most.

Thanks for reading! Please do let me know your thoughts on these campaigns and news in the comments. Feedback is always appreciated too! 🤗

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