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Crowdfunding update #4 June 2020

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Crowdfund update #3

Hello all! Sorry if this update took a little bit longer than you expected; Although, the crowdfunding space is still teeming with more stories than I could hope to cover comprehensively, things have definitely started to calm down a bit since COVID hit, so I expect a fortnightly update to be the norm going forwards.

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Citymapper were meant to Crowdfund in April! Citymapper is a high growth scaleup backed by Index ventures and Balderton Capital; It's essentially a transport app - think next-gen google maps. The company abandoned the crowdfund out of a fear of backlash in relation to raising capital during a recession/pandemic.

Freetrade is to launch in Europe soon, having quietly began a hiring spree in Germany and France. Freetrade had already launched a beta product/MVP in Ireland and the Netherlands in late 2019.

Bits (formerly fea), a credit fintech and crowdcube 'fundee', has been accepted into Y combinator, a world-famous startup accelerator with an alumni network that includes Reddit, AirBnB and Stripe.

Cowboy launched their new bike. The new Cowboy bike includes: better-fitting mudguards, a better drivetrain, puncture resistant tires, and comes in three colours. Software updates include: theft alert, proximity-triggered bike unlocking and crash detection/SOS. The bike is ~200 more expensive than Cowboy's previous bike, and comes hot on the heels of competitor Vanmoof's latest product.

The new Cowboy 3 in grey

Exits 🎉🥳🎊

Feedr, a Crowdcube alumni, is acquired by Compass Group for ~£24m, ~2x return multiple. There was some controversy surrounding the returns, largely due to a misleading figure from Techcrunch (quoted the total 'payout' not the exit valuation per se).

Courier magazine, a 2016 Seedrs alumni, was acquired by Mailchimp in March, a ~3x return for investors.

OfficeRnD (a coworking startup), another Seedrs Alumni, yielded an ~8x return for investors via a VC secondary sale.

Live campaigns

  • Trurating. Payments fintech; Trustpilot meets Worldpay. Invest here

  • Thyngs. Another Payments fintech; think QR codes for payments. Invest here.

💡 Pre-emption campaigns are intended for existing investors who have received ongoing updates of a business' progress prior to the campaign. Therefore, there is often not that much information given; please be mindful of this!

Upcoming campaigns

I'm very pleased to see that the crowdfunding platforms have been more proactive in sharing their own upcoming campaigns, I like to hope that we've all played a small part in that! However, This does mean that I'll focus more on the upcoming campaigns that don't get as much marketing exposure (If you'd rather I included *all* the campaigns though, please let me know!). Anyway, here's a few picks:

  • Alpkit. Camping gear brand. Pre-register here.

  • The Sports Edit. Myprotein meets TheTab. Pre-register here.

  • Avallen. Booze startup. Pre-register here.

  • Quinoa mothergrain. Posh rice (quinoa) brand.

  • Truststamp. American Onfido.


A notable investment fintech will return to crowdfund in ~Q3...

(details are currently confidential but hopefully I'll be able to publish more information soon!)

Crowdfeed labs

The pitch deck library is in development. Thanks to all of you that have sent pitch decks so far. I'd like to put off a proper launch until there's a larger suite of pitch decks available, so please send them my way if you have any (Admin@crowdfeed.net; failed companies only for now please).

Thanks to all the site members/readers who have been helpful in constructing this post - you know who you are (I hope)!

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